Thanks, Babe.

So, you always tell me the best way to let you know what I want is to tell you. I've been doing a lot of that lately :)

We've been kind of out of sync since Christmas with all of the family time and then my getting sick and your getting super busy with work. You've had to rely on me to play Dr. Shey, MD on myself because you haven't had the brain capacity to take that in, nor the ability to risk getting sick yourself. I get it. Though over the past few days, you didn't skip an opportunity to pick up the chicken soup, refill my water, and simply check-in to see how I was managing and I do appreciate that.

Sometimes I think our habit of always being sure to say "thank you" or some other way be verbally grateful, can make the gesture a bit watered down. "Yeah, yeah. She's appreciative." So, I just wanted you to know that I really mean it. I'm removing the gesture from the familiar interface of my person and making you retrieve it :)

Thanks, Babydoll. I'm feeling much better today.