You're the only one who knows what I'm thinking right now.
I dont think i do...better explain
Exactly WHAT about you can be trickier.
Trickier, but all good.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking you're playing this well but you should tell me who this is Ms P
You know me?
Tell me something only you would know.
I have no idea who this is so I'm somewhat at a loss on saying anything
Sorry I didnt answer your other posting but I deleted the ID and pin.
You got pretty detailed on the touching
BTW...we didnt play in Utah...nice try tho
Whew! Thought you were disturbed by the details. Were you? I think if you open the public part of the conversation, it looks like you can chime in that way. Interesting since anybody reading it could do that too. Not sure though. It's a little wierd thinking that it's public. Wierd for you?
BTW you play in utah alot. so......
No idea? Come on... Try. It's only fun if you try! You can do it. I have faith.
I'm starving for attention here!!! If we're having a "who is most hard-headed" contest, I give up!!! You are a pain in the butt!!! A beautiful butt!! Still a pain!!
I'll give you all you can handle, how do i get you alone
There you are!!! I'm so excited! How do yoou get me alone? Just ask! Silly man.