To Marina Nichols

What happened to us? Our friendship was amazing. We were best friends, practically family. But then you told everyone my business. It hurts. Becuase I thought I could trust you, and we patched our friendship up, or so I thought, then you still talk about me. Yeah, I act like it doesn't bother me,like I don't give a shit. But, the truth is, I thought that our friendship was one not to be tempered with. That we were "the ultimate bffs", but you turned your back on me. Like I almost got in a fight for you, then the next day I hear that you said "That ugly bitch looks crazy everyday". Well guess what, I know why you're getting so damn fat. Becuase No One likes you anymore. You're a two-faced, lying, caniving, bitch. And you just lost your last friend, someone who actually cared about you. Have fun;