It's impossible for me to say this, but I'll blurt it out as best I can: I'm in love with you. I've really liked you for a long time, at least since September, but only since recently have I really started to fall helplessly over heels for you: I can't help it. Whenever you're not here, I want to be with you - yesterday, I was literally counting the minutes that I could be with you. I know that it's impossible, I know that you'll never in a million years feel the same way about me, but I need to get it out... So far, this is incredibly cheesy, so good for me... I guess I should say right now that this isn't a prank, although reading it over it seems like one......... Something to take away from this, if nothing else is that you're a great guy - you're insanely smart, you're hilarious, you're like the nicest person in the world, and you always manage to put a smile on everyone's faces... God, I hope you read this.**********Other things******************Reply if you want, but I'll definetely get it if you don't -I'd guess I'd find this creepy too, but it'd be nice, considering I'm panicking at the thought of just leaving this with you... also, do me a favor and don't try to figure out who I am, considering I'd be mortified and it'd embarrass both of us in the process. It'd also undo all of my careful work to make this sound different than I actually am. Oh well. I'll be seeing you.