Trudy I dont know if....

Yes, this message was meant for you. Thank you for retrieving it.

This is a new years resolution anonymous chain letter. Simply read the resolutions added so far, send some good thoughts to the peole who wrote them that they may have the strength to complete them, add your own by submitting a 'response', then place this card somewhere the next person will find it.

To start it off, mine is that I will complete a marathon in 2008.
You know that i love you and think of you daily. Each time i see you i keep you in memory...we should talk sometime.
I plan to run a marathon too.
Fabian, MY LOVE. I dont know if you know this, but I think of you everyday. You are constantly on my mind which is very annoying sometimes.It has been a constant struggle for me not to call you and ask for a second chance but the thought of you rejecting me is too painful. I have an ache that wont go away no matter how hard I try. You have my heart and I want it back. LOVE you MISS you. Tears