truth is

im not really sure how to say this.
i really want to, but im afraid of ruining everything.
im just not brave enough to tell you face to face.
so here i am.
it doesnt get much lamer than this, folks!
so here's the truth, as much as it hurts.
truth is, i love you like a cat lady loves her cats.
but you know, without the whole crazy part.
truth is, there are only two things in this world that are as beautiful as you are.
one is a baby seal riding a unicorn.
the other is you holding a baby seal riding a unicorn.
(brace yourself)
truth is, you must be tired from running through my dreams every night.
truth is, i was wondering if i could interview you for the term paper im writing on the finer things in life
truth is, cupid called the you the other day and he said he wants my heart back.
truth is, if i had a nickel for every girl as beautiful as you, i'd have five cents.
truth is, you're always looking sharper than a page of oscar wilde witticisms that has been rolled up into a point, sprinkled with lemon juice and jabbed into someone's eye.
truth is, you're so beautiful I forgot my pickup line.
truth is, all i can offer you right now are some really cheesy pick up lines and the hope that one day i will get over myself and tell you for real.
truth is, i am most certainly not in love with you in the slightest bit.