What do you see...

when you look in the mirror?

When I look at you, I see beauty. Not just the transient, superficial beauty that's glorified one day and reviled the next, yours goes deeper. You give selflessly. You work excessively. You love hard. It shows. But do you know how much you're loved in return?

Your presence alone inspires joy in those who know and care about you. You truly deserve the same happiness in return. I hope someday you'll let yourself have it.

Look beyond the mirror. See yourself as the rest of us see you. See yourself as I see you.

Do you see it?
Dear… you,

It’s taken me awhile to reply to your incredibly expressive sentiments because, frankly, I wanted to reflect on your words. To let them sink in. Deep. Perhaps even to find a way to disagree with you or convince myself that such sincerity is merely adulation.

But, you are right... in a sense. And, I haven’t afforded myself the personal recognition of the qualities you’ve listed. I don't believe I should.

To answer your question, when I look in the mirror I see someone who is constantly craving a purpose, a passion, a reciprocation. My intentions aren’t entirely selfless: I honestly believe that by encouraging happiness and love in others it allows me to feel, no matter how minuscule, the residual effects of such things. And for right now, that is my guiding light, however delusional that may be.

I don’t see the person you see, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the person I want to be. We're all works in progress.

I have sneaking suspicions as to who you might be. Not many of my friends know me well enough to psychoanalyze my behavior; much less with such articulation.

Adulation, like this message, originates from the heart. Please don't discard it so callously.

Regardless of intent, your life profoundly shapes others'. That you continue to be such an amazingly positive and caring friend is a powerful thing, selfless or not. Don't lose that.

Have faith. Some day, that person will be staring through the mirror back at you. And some day, you'll realize he always been.
Hopefully, by that time, it won't be the only insight the mirror reveals to me.

I appreciate your kind words and I am extremely grateful for them. I really am, and I'm certainly not discarding this kindness as callously as you might think. I only feel that I'm undeserving of it: My friends are my family and they mean more to me than anything. I think it is them--and you--who are profoundly shaping my life.

Maybe they'll see in themselves what they see in me. I hope so.
Step into objectivity for a moment.

Maybe your friends feel the same family ties.

Maybe you are more than deserving of a simple, heartfelt kindness.

Maybe you deserve so much more than one can give.

Maybe you need to open your eyes.

Maybe we all do.
Maybe you should tell me who you are so I can thank you in person.
Anonymity is the cloak of the coward.
None of my friends are cowards.

I beg to differ.
Wah-wah. :)