Who knows what

Found this place today

I know this won't change anything,
but I'll say what's on my mind,
I'd rather say it than wonder what would've happened, if I had

Been thinking of you recently
since I txted you those times and you didn't reply
You were busy of course, aren't we all
but it affected me more than it should, more than you know.

Nothing big of course, I'm not a poet but I do find something beautiful
about ivocative powerful language employed with rhythm and cadence
so maybe there's something of a poet in me
It could explain why a piecemeal of simple thoughts,
constructed on a journey home, morphed into a poetic something
(I say something because who knows what it is really)

I find myself missing you strangely
I say strangely but what I mean is,
a lot
which is a strange conundrum in itself.
I wonder what I'll find when I get home; a strange feeling, perhaps
strange yet familiar...
but sure isn't there still time... and time can make all the difference
Man 'poetic me' sounds dorkey .