Yeah, you hurt me

Yeah, it hurt. No, it wasnt right. No, you were not justified. But basically, I just want to move on. You made me feel like crap for months and it's only now that i'm starting to allow myself to live again. I don't think you will read this, I will not deliver this to you. It's okay now though. I'm okay. Only after your mum cried on the street and begged me to come back did I realise that yeah, what we had was real, it wasn't a complete lie. And now I can almost accept what happened. We will never be the same, I can never go back, and that is something I truly regret. But thats life isn't it? I love you, I do. I always will. We are okay now. Enjoy your new boyfriend, I hope he is worth what you gave up, I hope he is everything that you always said you wanted. We were blessed enough to have the friendship we did, but now that's over. You move on, i'll move on. I forgive you. I'm letting the pain go.