Dear J,

You left me in the most cruel way possible. We had a very good thing going.

We went to the parks a lot, gathering photos, collecting memories. I remember how we first met, and how we sat in that shop for hours playing Pokemon and laughing.

I remember picking you up in the library parking lot, and it was freezing. I told you I could have picked you up, it would've been warmer that way, and you laughed saying you were trying to be "macho".

I remember a week before you left me, how you said you love what we have, and you don't want to ruin it. We were drunk, and slightly stoned, but I remember it all too well.

But then, when I voiced my opinion of how, later on, you stopped caring about how I felt and did what you pleased, disappearing for days without contact, only to come home reeking of wine and cigarettes, you left me. You couldn't handle my back bone.

We'd never had a fight until that night, and then you made me drive home, drunk. You EXPECTED that of me.

You lied to me about your ex cheating on you. You were emailing other women on CraigsList for casual sex. You then said she was contacting you again, but that too was a lie.

she contacted me, and told me you had been texting her for nude photos.

You're a piece of shit, and you don't deserve a woman who would give anything to see you smile. You're going to hurt this new one the exact same way you did me, you did your exes.

I don't have any regrets. Except for one. I wish the wonderful young man I'm dating now, had told me how he felt before you and I met, before we dated. I would've avoided the heart ache, and been a happier person earlier on.

Good luck, hope you get fucked.