You gave me a flower, I gave you a rock

I must start by saying I'm sorry for not being the corny girl you''d probaby like me to be. You are so sweet and romantic but I am a bit of a zombie. I do love that you can be such a romantic guy though but I never know how to act. So I just laugh and make fun of you. But you must know that this is how I show my love for you.

Remeber the night you gave me a yellow sunflower? you probably don't. you gaved it to me when we were walking side by side after we ate dinner. I saw a pile of rocks. Jokingly I gave you a rock and you told me to stop stealing things. Then you went and picked a yellow sunflower. I put it in my blazers pocket and I told you, you were so corny. That night when you dropped me home I put the flower on a book to preserve it.

ps: Sometimes I wonder what you did with my rock.