You, Insanity

You are bat-shit crazy! Seriously you expose yourself to everyone online, even those you barely know. You spill the most personal moments onto a blog note and then you send it to everyone. Good luck hearing from that girl... You need to take a step back before you post anything on facebook again and say, 'is this bat-shit insane?'. I think you would find a lot of spare time if you asked that before typing to the girlfriend that you wish you had, and the enemies you wish were arguing with you.

Also, your pride is so thinly veiled it makes me want to wretch. Phone prominently displayed. check. shirt with one button done. check. reference to how much you can bench-press. check. creepy stalker-like "I would swim 400 miles to watch you through your peep hole?" What kind of crazy batshit is that - I mean - check. six-minute mile? check. the list goes on...

just saying, work on it