You loved princess leia more than me!

Yeah, you. We dated for a while, regretfully. At first, I actually had feelings for you, but that was before you turned into the life sucking sponge that you are. I'm not sure if it was the part where I paid for EVERY date, or the part where you'd drive to walmart and ask me to buy you a new action figure, but somewhere along the way I lost feelings for you. Then there was the time I caught you *having happy time* to a picture of the princess herself, but that's a WHOLE other story. Tell me, did you think it was cute to say *I have no money =/ you got this?* and then go and blow $30 on toys for your *collection*? Did you think it was acceptable to parade me around like I was some sort of sex object, and get upset with me when I refused to change the way I look so *you'd be more attracted to me*?. I told you that maybe when you grew up i'd give you another chance, but honestly, you lost any appeal you had left when you called me a *dumb cunt bitch* all over facebook. Deuces bitch, I'm better than you. End of story.