You should know

that I am completely in love with the girl you are with. She has no idea about how I feel. She thinks our thing was a one time thing, but it wasn't in my mind. I have really gotten to know her throughout this year. More so than ever before. I thought things would change in school, but she picked you, even though I was there the whole time. Now it is summer and I can't stop thinking about her. Or about the horrible image of you getting to be with her. I want to be the one she can talk to no matter what, but it's you, and you have no idea how upsetting that is. I hope you appreciate every day you have with that energetic, crazy, fun, sweet, beautiful, exciting, smart, and special girl because I'll always be there for her and one day, when she finally notices me, you will be obsolete.

You're lucky you get to have her in every sense of the word. But one day that will be me. It will be me who gets to hold her, try to keep up with her after she drinks coffee, watch her in a bookstore, do crazy and spontaneous things with her, laugh with her, kiss her (couldn't be more excited), and be with her. I've waited too long to let gorgeous R.H get away.