You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen.
Thank wake up from the dream
You're welcome. My pleasure. I am not writing in my sleep.
You are beautiful. I am not wrong.
When I saw you at the baseball game this weekend, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Was so worried I would give myself away.
youre funny
where was the game?
In Utah silly.
The city....silly
You don't need me to tell you where we were. Are you testing me? You don't have any idea who I am do you?
I'm pretty sure I know...getting revenge I'm sure
Helllooooo...u must be busy
Oh, come on. I'm not the vengeful type. So, maybe you don't know who I am. I'm hurt. Thought maybe you noticed me at the game too. Feel bad now.
Come the city!
Thats what I thought
The city is not as important as how gorgeous you are. I could name THAT city! I could name every street in that city. The alleys. The paths. I wander those paths in my dreams.

It's too bad you don't know who I am. Would you invite me to wander some more? Maybe you only like the pretty girls.

I did see you last weekend at the games. You had a cap on!
Are you not talking to me anymore because you have figured out that I am:

1. The mother of Alex's good friend. The one you always wondered about. Wondered if I was flirting with you. I was.

2. Stepmom to a boy on one of the opposing teams. I'm too young to be his real mom, you know. And, yes. I'm THAT hot stepmom. Flirting? Yes I was.

Which one am I? Which one observes you so well? Did I scare you? I won't bite. I'm very well behaved. Very discreet. But,....... if I could,......if you'd let me,...... I would put my hand on your face, the tips of my fingers lightly touching your skin and the very tip of your ear lobe. Moving slightly to touch your lips, stroking the whiskers you hadn't shaved yet. My cheek to your jaw is rough. It gives me chills. I can barely breath as I kiss your neck so softly you can barely feel it. With my right hand still gently caressing your face my left hand slides down your arm and I hold you so tight I'm afraid I will hurt you.

Don't be afraid. I'm not scarey. Just trying to make one last try to get your attention. You are a hard one. Gorgeous men are always hard to please. High standards make it tough to impress you I think. What does it take to gat you to look at me? Help me out. Or let me down easy.
Yes. This is open to all. So you can use it I think.

Try this.... My eyes are.....My hair is......My toes.....

Come on handsome man. This is too fun.
You are very frustrating!! Gorgeous. But frustrating. Throw me a bone for God's sake!!!