You'll probably never see this

I'll probably never send this to you. If I do, it obviously won't be anonymously. I guess I'm only typing this message for myself. I just don't understand any of what you did. You knew how much I loved you. You knew I would have done anything for you, and anything to make our relationship work. I proved that to you. I was leaving my entire life behind just to be with you, and then you tell me that you love me, but that you won't be with me? It made no sense, you agreed that it didn't, but that didn't matter. You had made up your mind that you were leaving me. I can only guess why, I can't help but feel you're not telling me something. You first started talking to me at a time when I felt I had no one to talk to. You gave me someone to be with and someone to listen to me, I suppose most people would be grateful for that, however, it just makes me feel sick. You knew how I felt, you knew I felt I had no one to talk to, and you took advantage of that. You promised to love me and to always be there for me. You lied. I doubt you really even care now. Like you said, "nothing really bothers you". You never would communicate with me effectively and work through anything with me. You told me you just "liked to be single", but then you said you didn't plan to stay alone after leaving me. You told me you still wanted to be my friend. Being my friend implies that you appreciate me and want to spend time with me. You said you were leaving me because you were tired of taking time out of your day to be with me, even after everything I did for you, so you obviously don't appreciate me either. Half of the time I still love you and want you to be with me, and the other half of the time I hate you. I hate you for lying to me. I hate you for all the times you told me you loved me and didn't mean it. I hate you for all the times you made me feel like an inconvenience. I hate you for taking advantage of my loneliness at a time when I couldn't talk to my family or my friends. I hate you for telling me you'd always be there, and then leaving me alone. I hate you because when I think of how much I loved you, and I think of you not being with me, I feel like I'm grieving for the death of my closest friend. I can't begin to imagine how someone can be as much of an unappreciative, cold, fickle bitch as you are.